StudioLogic Numa X Piano シリーズ | 高品位サウンドと多彩なエフェクトを搭載したステージピアノ


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StudioLogic ( スタジオロジック )がステージピアノ「Numa X Piano」シリーズ3機種をリリース。「Numa X Piano GT」「Numa X Piano 88」「Numa X Piano 73」の3機種がラインナップされています。

Numa X Piano GT

Numa X Pianoは、ハイエンドの機能、200以上のサウンド、8種類のINSERT FX(FX1&2)とマスターエフェクトを搭載。驚くほど直感的で効果的な方法で設計および編成されており、あらゆる側面およびあらゆるコンテキストで最高のパフォーマンスを提供します。新開発のサウンドエンジンを搭載、内部または外部MIDI音源に簡単に割り当て可能な4つのパート、4トラックの内蔵デジタルミキサー、USBオーディオインターフェイス、最高のタッチを備えた、究極のステージピアノです。

Numa X Piano GT のサイドはウッド仕様

NUMA X Piano 88 のサイド

Numa X Piano GTはアイボリー調の「TP/400 WOOD Graded Hammer Action」鍵盤を採用し、エスケープメント機能付き。Numa X Piano 88/73は「TP/110 Premium Hammer Action」鍵盤を採用。詳しくは比較表参照のこと。


Numa X Piano GT Numa X Piano 88 Numa X Piano 73
88 Keys, TP/400 WOOD Graded Hammer Action 88 Keys, TP/110 Premium Hammer Action 73 Keys, TP/110 Premium Hammer Action
Triple switch detection system
Escapement - -
Aftertouch Aftertouch
Ivory feel - -
Soft, Medium, Hard, Fixed (programmable)
Keyboard Sensitivity Control
Black/White keys Balance
250 User Programs
Zoom function to quick edit Zone parameters
4 Zones assignable to internal sounds or external MIDI
Split/Layer for each Zone
Dedicated Split button
16 Favorites groups with 24 Programs for each one
Favorite content preview on display
Global Equalizer
Bass, Mid, Treble gain
Mid frequency control
Sound generation
8 Sound Banks with over 200 Factory Sounds
New sounds installable with the Manager app
Acoustic Pianos
Enhanced TRS Technology with Hi Resolution Spectral Interpolation
Release samples, Damper and Key-off noises
Zoom controls: Tone, Strings Resonance, Duplex, Damper Noise
Electric Pianos
Physical Modeling of Vintage Electric and Hybrids
Zoom controls: Hammer, Offset, Tine, Damper Noise
Keyboards, Bass & Guitars, Organs, Synthesizers, Orchestral, Other Zoom controls: Filter Cutoff, Resonance, Attack, Release
Effects / Processing
8 indipendent Insert FX (2 for each Zone)
FX1 Distortion, Overdrive, Auto Wah, Pedal Wah, Auto Pan, Tremolo, Vibrato, Equalizer, Compressor
FX2 Chorus1, Chorus 2, Flanger 1, Flanger 2, Phaser100, Phaser90, Phaser HMX, Phaser Pad, Rotary, Auto Pan, Tremolo, Vibrato, Equalizer, Compressor
Master Delay Delay, Pan Delay
Master Reverb
FDN (Feedback Delay Network) technology
10 Presets
Audio input / Mixing
4 Audio Input Zones Mic/Line, configurable as:
4 Mono, 1 Stereo + 2 Mono, 2 Stereo
Zoom controls: Gain/Low/Mid/Hi for each Zone
7 Delay FX presets
6 Reverb FX presets
Controls / UI
2,8" Color Display (320 x 240)
Master Volume
Navigation Encoder
13 Knobs with push functions
Assignable knob for input volume (Audio / USB /Audio + USB)
22 buttons
2 Programmable Sticks
Stick 1 bidirectional-springed
Stick 2 directional-not springed
Audio OUT: 2,8" Color Display (320 x 240)
Audio IN: 4x mono jack 6,3 mm
Headphones: 6,3 mm TRS jack
Pedals: 2 auto switch/continuous, 1 universal1
MIDI: In/Out
USB: Audio In/Out, MIDI In/Out, Manager App
Power supply DC IN: 12V
Adapter Input: 100-240V / Output: 12V-2,5A
サイズ(W*D*H cm) 128 × 31 × 12.3 129.5 × 31 × 12.3 105.2 × 31 × 12.3
重量(kg) 22,0 Kg 14kg 11.7kg
同梱物 本体、SLP3-D triple pedal、Power adapter 本体、VFP1/10 sustain pedal、Power adapter






Numa X Piano GT


Numa X Piano 88


Numa X Piano 73


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